Windy Hill Update

Two items:

March 3, 2017:  The Windy Hill Athletic Club Masquerade Party!      

Do not forget the member appreciation party coming in just one week.  Food, drinks, entertainment, fun!  Please RSVP with the Hospitality Desk.  See you there.

2017 Muffley & Associates Southeast Region Skill Level Championships          

As all of you are aware, we held the 36th annual Southeasterns this past weekend.  Many of you played. Here I the brief report & a handful of photos from the event. 

Some 20 years ago I gave the Southeasterns the tagline of the “children’s crusade.”  The 2017 Muffley & Associates Southeast Region Skill Level Championships was, more than anything, a story about the march of our excellent juniors upward through the ratings.

Of the 7 full draws—3.5s, 4.0s, 4.5s, 4.5s consolations, 5.0s, 5.5s, Women’s 3.5s—juniors accounted for 15 of the 28 semifinal spots, 7 of the 14 finalist spots, and 4 of the 7 championships!

There were many unbelievable story lines to follow this weekend.  The most memorable were the two back-to-back wars waged between Richard Rapatopoulos and Aaron Luque, with Richard winning the 5.5 semifinal only to lose to Aaron in the 5.0 final.  The fact that Richard could muster up for his 4th match on Sunday, to play maestro Richard Millman, and to take the good squash doctor the full 5 games was absolutely thrilling.

The other unbelievable story line involved Keith Clemens, winner over Trey Paris in a semifinal overtime 5th game, fighting off 2 match points, and then Keith himself holding 9 match balls over Alex Rankin, only to lose 17-15 in the 5th in the 4.5 finals.  For those who like symmetry, Trey had knocked Alex out of the 5.0s in 5 games.


3.5s Daniel Pare def. Neil Poddar, 9,4,5

4.0s Erik Wang def. Sandeep Dube, (14),4,9,8

4.5s Alex Rankin def. Keith Clemens, 12,(2),(5),7,17-15

4.5 Con Neeya Patel def. Kunal Poddar, (8),8,3,5

5.0s Aaron Luque def. Richard Rapatopoulos, (7),6,8,10

5.5s Richard Millman def. Richard Rapatopoulos, (6),(8),7,4,8

W3.5s Sarah Lawrence McGill def Fernanda Flores,  (10),4,(8),5,5


For the full draws, please go to

Deepest thanks go to our sponsor, Mr. Mikel Muffley!

Finally, thank you for sharing your weekend with us at Windy Hill Athletic Club.

 Squash is good!