National District Three Player Team Championships

From Peter Heffernan:

“I am writing to ask your support for a new event, proposed by David Keating, which is a national district three player team event. The goal is to create a similar event to Howe Cup, but with a smaller number of players on a team. We will offer 6 divisions of play 3.0, 3.5, 4.0, 4.5, 5.0 and Open. We would like to have entries from across the country and why you are receiving this message from me today.

Please see the link here to the tournament page.

As we have two doubles courts, we are planning to offer three doubles divisions as well as the singles. The link to the doubles event is here.

The premise is having a team of three players is easier to create than getting 5 players and will make transportation easier so one car perhaps if players are travelling together. This event has been proposed during the last couple of months of 2016 and I am writing to help jump start the marketing of the event and to create interest for the events within districts. David will likely send another message with more detail. Rules have been created in case we receive entries of over 16 teams per skill level, but that may be for down the road.

One item to note is that teams will sign up as a team and not as individuals. For Maryland, I am contemplating a local one day event to encourage teams to sign up and create interest going forward. If you have any questions, comments or ideas, please feel free to contact me. Thank you, in advance, for your assistance.”

Please email SESRA here if you would like to organize a team with Southeastern District players.




APRIL 22-23, 2017


The inaugural national district three player team championships will be held at Meadow Mill Athletic Club in Baltimore Saturday and Sunday April 22 and 23. The goal for the event is to have the districts of US Squash (see list below) send teams and will offer competition in 6 levels of play – 3.0, 3.5, 4.0, 4.5, 5.0 and Open divisions with play only on Saturday and Sunday with three matches guaranteed and two on Saturday. The tournament is for adults with one restriction that junior players must be at least 17 on the first day of the tournament to be eligible to play.

 US Squash Recognized Districts

California Northern, California Southern, Colorado ,Delaware, Florida, Illinois,  Kentucky, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri (formerly St. Louis,), National Capital, New Jersey Central, New Jersey Northern, New Mexico, New York, New York Albany, New York Buffalo, New York Rochester,

Ohio Cincinnati, Ohio Dayton,  Ohio Greater Cleveland, Pennsylvania Lancaster, Pennsylvania Philadelphia, Rhode Island, Seattle, Southeastern (Georgia), Texas Dallas and Texas Houston


Three divisions of doubles will be offered and players can play in both the singles and doubles — A (Open), Age 40+ and B with a limit on 8 teams per division.

The cost is $99 per player and $297 for a team and players enter as a team, not individually. If a player enters the doubles as well, there is a $35 discount which will be credited back to you after the tournament is completed. Entries will close April 5, 2017.

Please contact your squash playing friends locally and around the country to come and play. We are looking to create a similar event to the women’s Howe Cup tournament. The Red Sox will be in town that weekend as well for baseball fans.

A list of hotels will be added to the tournament page shortly.

If you have any questions, please contact Peter Heffernan, 410-960-4988.