First Regional Junior Squads (June 3rd and 4th)

On June 3rd and 4th, we hosted the first Regional Junior Squads ever in the SESRA and Texas districts. This was a fantastic effort by all those involved in helping us establish this fundamental framework in our ongoing efforts to assist our juniors. The Regional squads is an invitational event hosted by US Squash for players that are within the Top.100 of the US. 19 players participated over the weekend, 12 of which were our local players from Atlanta.
The theme of the weekend was Fading Length. A crucial area of the game overlooked so often by even the best players. With such great coaches to support this, Ahmed Hamza and Paddy Harrison from Texas, we were able to deliver a fundamental area of squash to all those players and hopefully adding a new element to their games.
These squads are more than just a gathering of Top.100 players, but the start of something incredible. I had the time to speak with many families both from our area and also from both of the Texas districts and the importance of what this means for our juniors. We have now established a new relationship with our fellow neighbors and will continue to support them outside of scheduled practices at local events and national gold tournaments alongside our local juniors.
It is an exciting and fresh change for the South and South-East districts. Recently I was in Cleveland with our juniors for a Gold event, and many families knew about our programs, juniors and our ongoing junior growth in the south and south-east. This was reinforced from our results that now our players are beginning to challenge many of the top ranked juniors in the US.
This is a new era of junior development for us all. One that I am excited to lead with our president Hamilton Williams, Junior Development Officer Paul Boyce and fellow Regional junior coach Ahmed Hamza.
Rob Wilkins