Dragon Doc Results

Thank you for being a part of a very special weekend.  We saw the continual rise of the juniors as they march through the various skill levels, the outstanding play of home touring pro Reuben Phillips, and many kind touchpoint moments between players, families, friends.

The 2017 DragonDoc, compliments of Dr. Gary Myerson and Dr. Pradeep Sinha, proved to be one of our best “major” events ever.

The play was deep and competitive, and in all cases, sportsmanly.

Final results:
2017 DragonDoc Pro:  Reuben Phillips ENG/ATL  def. Alex Ingham ENG/STL, 4,(9),6,7
6.0s:  Will Grady, ATL def. Will Henden, ENG, 7,(4),5,5
5.5s:  Richard Millman ENG/TN def. Will Carlin NYC, 6,3,9
5.0s:  Saeed Karimi IRAN def. Thomas Rankin ATL, 8,(3),9,(9),8
4.5s:  Saeed Karimi IRAN def. Mark Stanton ATL, 2,11,(8),6
4.0s:  Neil Poddar ATL def. Sandeep Tube ATL, 7,(9),7,8
3.5s:  Will Quigley ATL def. Chip Nimick ATL, 9,3,(9),(9),9
Women’s 3.5s:  Uzma Jawed-Saleem, ATL def. Jeri Pittner ATL, 8,3,8, in the round-robin
The 2018 DragonDoc looks to bring back a PSA event, along with the same chemistry of youth and mastery, locals and far-off squash friends.
Squash is good!