2018 Jesters Tournament Recap

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Alex Rankin wrote an article about the Jester’s Tournament this past month. Enjoy!

2018 Jester’s Tournament



The Jesters Tournament took place in Atlanta January 19-21. The Westminster Squash Team and various colleges participated in the Jesters Tournament. The tournament was held at The Westminster Schools squash courts in Turner Gym and Windy Hill Athletic Club. Due to high participation this year, Westminster had two boys’ teams of eight players and one girls’ team of eight players. Westminster split their Varsity squad up evenly between the two teams so that each Westminster boys’ team was of (roughly) equal skill, and kept the seniors all on one team. At Westminster, the Westminster teams had a rotation of match play against Emory University, Georgia Tech and Rhodes College. The Westminster boys’ teams all won all of their matches and dropped very few games against the college teams. The Westminster girls’ team did not win their matches but played very well against the college players (who were all men except for one woman).

As I am new to Westminster this year, this was my first year playing in the Jesters Tournament. There are no other high school teams in Georgia for us to play (we have to travel North to play in team tournaments), so it was exciting to play matches on our home courts. Also, for a lot of parents, it’s the only chance they have to watch their children play in a tournament. I think all team tournaments are a great way to hang out with your teammates and playing at our home courts made it even easier to hang out in between matches. Also, we don’t have a lot of chances to play college-aged opponents, so it was a great learning experience to see what college teams are like.

Once the Jesters Tournament ended on Saturday evening, we had our Green/White matches and Senior Night. For the Green/White matches, the two boys’ teams played each other. Each match was three games and the total amount of games won determined which team won. All of the matches were very competitive as the opponents were only one or two seeds apart, and the White team won. Since it was also Senior Night and all the parents were there, it seemed like the seniors really stepped up their game! After the matches, we celebrated the seniors with gifts and speeches. The girls clearly had a strong connection with their senior members and were very sad that this was their last year. The boys were also sad that they are losing five seniors this year.

I’d like to end by thanking Aaron Myerson and David Bridges for setting up the Jesters Tournament.