December 5, 2018: SESRA Annual Meeting CHANGED to Piedmont Driving Club

Letter from the President:
The Annual Meeting will be held at 6:30 PM on the evening of December 5, 2018, at the Piedmont Driving Club. MEET BY THE SQUASH COURTS AT 6:00 FOR SOCIAL AND THEN MEETING BEGINS PROMPTLY AT 6:30 PM. 
Note that this is changed from Concourse. There will be a conference call number for those who cannot attend in person. The purpose of the meeting is to update the membership on the year’s events, nominate and elect the slate of officers and Board of Directors, and outline a strategy for the upcoming year. In that regard, my term as president will end and so we will be accepting nominations for our next president. All members of the Southeastern district of US Squash are invited to throw their hat in the ring!
SESRA has a regular voting Board of Directors and a non-voting Advisory Board. The Advisory Board is intended for those in the community who wish to support Squash in the South East either financially or with volunteer work for committees, but are not members of US Squash/SESRA or cannot commit to attend all Board meetings. Opportunities exist at the Board and Advisory Board levels for Development, Media and other SESRA functions. Please send a note here if you are interested in participating at the Board or Advisory Board level, need phone-in details or just want to help. RSVP here if you are planning on attending so we can get a head count. We look forward to a good turnout!
Hamilton Williams