Squash Blast Tournament Results

The Life Time – Mountain Brook – Squash Blast Tournament on Saturday, February 2nd, 2019 was a great success. From 9 am to 2 pm the twenty-six players across four brackets had a great time playing for prizes and glory. We also celebrated the professional squash retirement of Coach David Lecomte. For over ten years Coach Dave has had a thoroughly¬†positive¬†impact on the Atlanta Squash scene:¬†introducing the game to many of the area’s junior players, coaching and mentoring at all levels, directing tournaments, refereeing regional, professional matches and, of course, competing. Although Coach Dave is still involved in the squash tournaments his athletic focus is now on the Eastern arts of Yoga and Meditation. Thanks for everything, Coach!
Tournament Director: Sam Friedman, sfriedman@lt.life

Here are the results of the Life Time – Mountain Brook – Squash Blast Tournament on 2-Feb-2019:

Senior A:
1st: Liad Hare
2nd: Paul Marotta
3rd: Craig Goodwin
3rd: Nicholas Gill

Senior B:
1st: Haroon Yunus
2nd: Scott Petteway
3rd: Hannah Loset
3rd: Rishi Sharma

Junior A:
1st: Joaquin Friedman
2nd: Donovan Marotta
3rd: Kai Zhou

Junior B:
1st: Violet Friedman
2nd: Carter Sutton