Dual Meet

Academy of Learned Men vs. Atlanta High School Elite Juniors Dual Meet

On Sunday, February 7, 2021, the Atlanta Community Squash Center hosted the third annual dual meet between the Academy of Learned Men (and now women) versus Atlanta High School Elite Juniors. This event was born out of the idea that there is not enough local competition for the juniors (Westminster being the only school to currently have an organized team despite the large number of junior players in the Metro Atlanta community). It was styled as old school v. new school competition and played in a competitive but casual setting. More than twenty matches were played with masks, temperature checks and social distancing protocols. Sixteen matches were played as scheduled and several more unscheduled matches took place as well so that many players got in second and even third matches. That’s how much fun everyone had! Participants received water bottles and drawstring bags, as well as snacks and drinks, provided by ACS and SESRA who sponsored this great event. For a few of the juniors, this was their first real match and they took it in stride playing against a more experienced adult, learning and growing in their gamesmanship. Several of the adult players were playing for the third year in a row and expressed their enthusiasm for playing again next year. We are excited that this is turning into an annual tradition and are grateful for the many people that took the time to participate in this event and build upon and feed into the junior players’ passion for squash.